PocketMod is a simple paper organizer - little booklet you may use anywhere, anyway. You may choose different templates (lists, notes, calendars, games etc) for each page, print all of them and fold it to a small 8-page booklet. Now you have your ultimate paper organizer - choose different templates and create PocketMods for your needs.


what is re:PocketMod and how to use it


your own re:PocketMod using online constructor


offline fully customizable version of re:PocketMod

Original PocketMod was developed by Adams Chad in 2005. We decided to continue it because of inactivity of original project. So we had modified some templates, created new and added different templates from other developers. We called our new project "re:PocketMod" meaning we made "reworked" and "redesigned" PocketMod.

We glad to present our work to you and hope you will like it.

If you find re:Pocketmod useful, you can donate to support its' development: