PocketMod is an 8-page organizer made of one sheet of A4 or Letter paper. You may create it using online or offline designer tool - select desired templates, print and fold it up (instructions included).

re:PocketMod features

re:PocketMod contain different mods (templates), divided on categories:

Here are new features of re:PocketMod compared to original PocketMod:

How to use re:PocketMod designer

1. Click on template in list.
2. Selected template will appear in preview window.
3. Drag it from preview window and drop to desired PocketMod page.
If you wish to remove page, drag it away from design area. Follow steps 1-3 until you get desired set of pages.
4. Print your PocketMod.
5. Fold it.

Configuring online mods

Offline version of re:PocketMod contain mods, developed by, that allow you to import data from popular online organizers like Google Calendar, TaDa, 30boxes and Stikkit using RSS feed. Please note: most of the mods will only show around 15 items.

Step 1. Get RSS feed from your template.

30Boxes: Calendar
Go To Settings > Sharing and copy the URL for the RSS feed.

30Boxes: ToDo
Open your Todo list and copy the feed URL on the top right corner.

Remember The Milk: ToDo
Go to Tasks view, unselect all tasks and hit the Publish button for the list on the right. Check Make This List Public and copy the URL.

Stikkit: Todo
Go the the Todo page and copy URL from feed icon.

Google Calendar: Calendar
Hit the arrow next to the calendar you want to track and select Calendar Settings. Under the Private Address section, copy XML URL as is.

TaDaList: ToDo
Copy RSS feed URL on the right or below the list you want.

Step 2. Put URL of RSS feed to configuration file.
Open mods.xml in re:PocketMod directory using any text editor. Find line with corresponding mod and put URL into "desc" field. See examples:

30Boxes: Calendar
<mod label="30 Boxes Calendar" desc="" url="30boxes_cal.swf"/>

30Boxes: ToDo
<mod label="30 Boxes Todo List" desc="" url="30boxes_todo.swf"/>

Remember The Milk: ToDo
<mod label="Remember the Milk List" desc="" url="rtm.swf"/>

Stikkit: Todo
<mod label="Stikkit Todo List" desc="" url="stikkit_todo.swf"/>

Google Calendar: Calendar
<mod label="Google Calendar Agenda" desc="" url="gcal.swf"/>

TaDaList: ToDo
<mod label="Tada List" desc="" url="tada.swf" icon=""/>

Save file. That's all!